Cheese Cake

This cake was ordered from Nick Tee's cousin for her daughter's birthday. She requested the Little Mermaid or Nemo for the cake. I opted for the Little Mermaid coz easier to do than the Nemo. I think..... hehehehe..
The mermaid's body was made from fondant.
Thank you Tee for recommending me to your cousin.

cut n paste msg from tee:
"thanks for the dvd and my cousin and family were impressed with your cake.
we liked it. everyone I asked said liked it. no negative comments.
I was surprised and impressed with your creativity. when you told me that you couldn't make the mermaid but it turned out to be a wow factor"

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  1. Dila.... cun giler... 1 hari aku nak order dgn kau ek...